Privacy Policy

Last updated on 14 March 2021

General Statement

I don’t collect information about you, except what your browser usually stores.  You don’t need to log in to my site, and you won’t need to provide me with your Credit Card details or any other personal information.

If you contact me via email, any information you supply may be stored on external systems that are beyond my control.

Specific Points

The following apply to my applications:


• You are responsible for the physical security of the device my applications are installed on

• You must comply with local, state, region and country Good Practice Guides for protecting your data – this may include the use of PIN codes, facial recognition, or other measures to ensure no-one else can access your device or the data installed

• This privacy statement does not apply to devices that are Jailbroken or running a Beta – or otherwise non-standard – Operating System release.

For Applications That Send Data

Some of my applications allow the ability to send data in HTTP requests. You are responsible for ensuring any data transmitted in these requests complies with local, regional or nationwide privacy regulations. You are also responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the destination to which the data is sent.


Some of my applications include the word “Spy” in the title. In this case, the word “Spy” should be taken to mean “to gain insight into” rather than “to eavesdrop”.