My Apps

Early Eighties

I wrote several utilities in Z80 machine code for the Amstrad CPC. One was a simplistic debug monitor, and the others were tape loaders – I don’t think any copy of these still exists.

Early to Mid Nineties

After switching to the Amiga, most of my coding was around libraries for low-level disk access and Sountracker module playback. I did create a few basic demos and trackmos under the pseudonym of “Apache64” and the group “The KKI”. I also wrote a few articles for the LSD Grapevine Diskmag.

Mid Nineties to Early Two Thousands

My most notable apps of this period were all built around Visual Basic 6. Much derided by programmers, I found it quite powerful, if a little bit lacking in certain areas. Key applications, which you can still find around the Internet, are iceFire, Cloud:9ine (which later became eggShell), dotWidget, and Snarl.

I also created a series of concepts, some of which saw the light of day in various guises. Some of the better ones are phatBar.