HomeAlarm+ is a front-end to a popular home alarm system. Apple would prefer me to not name the manufacturer, as the API used is not a public one. Suffice to say: if you have a round yellow siren on your wall, it’s likely this app is compatible with your system. 😊

The Main Screen

The app is really simple to use: tap the gear wheel and enter your existing account details. This will take you back to the main screen which will now display the alarm set status and allow you to arm or disarm accordingly.

The main screen in all its minimal glory

The Info Page

Tapping the “i” on the main screen will show the following overlay, which confirms whether or not the API is working and provides a bit more information about the alarm status.

The Info Page lets you really get your Geek on


An iOS app wouldn’t be an iOS app without a widget or two, and HomeAlarm+ includes a small selection in varying sizes. No screenshot right now: instead, why not download it and see it for yourself? 😁