Minimalistic application launching

GopherLaunch (“Go” for launch) is the most minimalistic application launcher you’re likely to see – or not see, for that matter.  Collapsed, it takes up less room than a desktop icon – and even when it’s expanded, it’s still pretty minimal.

Way back in the day (1999 to be precise), we wrote a little launcher called “S:Kimo-Jo” (you can still find it if you Google hard enough).  It picked up quite a following at the time, but Real Life intervened and it drifted into obscurity…

Well – almost into obscurity.  A few of us kept using it and recently we figured that, given it’s survived this long, maybe we could give it a make-over and put it back out for a new generation of users to enjoy.

Here’s why it’s really cool…

It’s smaller than a desktop icon, and not much bigger when expanded;

Drag files, folders, URLs and short cuts onto the gripper to add them to the bar;

Hold CTRL while releasing the mouse button to remove an item from the bar;

Release the mouse button while selecting an item to launch it;

Hold CTRL while over the gripper to move the bar around the screen;

Configurable background colour and other appearance settings.