Take control of your HomeKit configuration

HomeSpy gives you a detailed insight into your HomeKit configuration. It displays accessories, services and characteristics not shown by the native Apple Home app. It also lets you change any characteristic for any service within any accessory.

View by Hierarchy…

Or by Attribute…

Change home by tapping the house icon in the top left corner:


Coming soon for iOS and WatchOS

Have you ever left your phone on charge and then wondered if it’s now fully charged? Or left it on charge only to find someone unplugged it? Powertron lets you find out what the charging status of your phone is, and what the current battery charge is, all from your Apple Watch.


  • Background refresh: the iPhone application will periodically check your phone’s battery charge and update the watch app automatically
  • On-demand check: just tap the button on the Watch app to retrieve the current status of your phone’s battery


  • Must have an Apple Watch and iPhone for best use
  • Does not support iPad
  • Watch and phone must both be in range
  • Apple imposes limits on how often an iOS application can poll when it isn’t the active application, as such the information on the Watch may be out of date – just tap the button on the Watch app to retrieve the latest information


The cornerstone of our notification ecosystem, Snarl consolidates notifications received from various sources and allows you to manage how they are disseminated.

Whether it’s a new wireless network detected, a new Tweet or Facebook update that’s tagged you, or a new post in a blog you’ve subscribed to – there’s stuff going on all the time.  The problem is you spend all of your time trying to find out about it.

Snarl breaks this down into a simple statement:

when stuff_happens() => tell_me();

To find out more, go here.  Not convinced?  Here’s some screenshots…