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When { system_events_occur(); tell_me(); } 1. Install monitoring agent 2. Receive event log notifications 3. Send where you like 4. Manage from anywhere It’s that easy… BLACK ICE Beta Coming Soon  


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Tell.  Everyone.  Now.   RAINSTORM 0.6 NOW AVAILABLE!   1. Install 2. Subscribe clients 3. Send notifications 4. Manage from anywhere It’s that easy…  Download RAINSTORM 0.6 No dependencies on other middleware (such as .NET, etc.) so what you download is what you need. No complex installation process – just extract the archive contents wherever suits you best. […]


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Whether it’s a new wireless network detected, a new Tweet or Facebook update that’s tagged you, or a new post in a blog you’ve subscribed to – there’s stuff going on all the time.  The problem is you spend all of your time trying to find out about it. Snarl breaks this down into a […]


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  eggShell is a User Interface for all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 onwards.  It’s designed to be flexible, intuitive, and simple to use and is based on a bar/plugin concept which originated in our Cloud:9ine Shell Replacement project dating back to 1999. All functionality is provided by plugins – small scripted code modules […]