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Tell.  Everyone.  Now.




1. Install

2. Subscribe clients

3. Send notifications

4. Manage from anywhere

It’s that easy…
 Download RAINSTORM 0.6

tick-smallNo dependencies on other middleware (such as .NET, etc.) so what you download is what you need.

tick-smallNo complex installation process – just extract the archive contents wherever suits you best.

tick-smallManage RAINSTORM using its built-in web server (by default http://localhost:9880).

tick-smallCreate any number of notifications.  These can be sent to new subscribers automatically, or broadcast to all subscribers manually.

tick-smallWatch filesystem folders (mapped and UNC) for custom notification files which are then translated and  distributed automatically to subscribers.

tick-smallNotifications can include a title, some text and an icon – they can also be set to be displayed sticky.

tick-smallRAINSTORM uses the open source Snarl Network Protocol so any SNP 3.0 compatible application is supported.